At about the same time I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about the extra weight I had been moaning about for months, I came across This Girl Can – Sport England’s campaign to get women exercising.

It provided the inspiration I needed to get over that final hurdle – going outside in my saggy jogging bottoms. According to research commissioned for the campaign, 75% of women want to exercise but, just like me, fear what others might think. Knowing that I wasn’t alone in my worries gave me the confidence to start a Couch to 5k running programme and decide that this girl can, too.

I should point out, I’m not in any way connected to the campaign, other than an avid supporter. And I’m far from a fitness expert so none of what you will read below is really advice – it’s just my personal journey and the things I pick up along the way.

Prelude – My biggest fear? Going outside in my jogging bottoms.

Week 1, day 1 –  The ‘voices in my head’ run.

Week 1, day 2 – The ‘duck’ run.

Week 1, day 3 – The ‘why did I start this in November?’ run.

Week 2, day 1 – The ‘Is that a mime?’ run.

Week 2, day 2 – The ‘it’s good to talk’ run.

Week 2, day 3 – Intermission.

Week 2, day 3 – The ‘Just Do It’ run.

Week 2, day 3 (again) – The ‘that moment when…’ run.


Week 3, day 1 – The ‘inappropriate clothing’ run.

Week 3, day 2 – The ‘get back on that horse’ run.

Week 3, day 3 – The ‘back to basics’ run.

Week 4, day 1 – The ‘I can do this, I can do this (Oh, wait, no I can’t)’ run.

Week 4, day 2 – The ‘ask Twitter’ run.

Week 4, day 3 – The ‘it’s good to talk part II’ run.

Week 5, day 1 – The ‘and I thought this day would never come’ run.

Week 5, day 2 – The ‘something just clicked’ run.

Week 5, day 3 – The ‘I believe in the power of the C25K’ run

Week 6, day 1 – the ‘do you want to get sweaty with me’ run.

Week 6, day 2 – the ‘getting jiggly with it’ run.

The Return – the ‘OMG was it always this hard? run’

Weeks 7 and 8 – the ‘I know the secret’ runs.


Run, Tara, Run.

Sport Relief – a recap.

The Secret To Feeling Good In A Swimming Costume.

My First (And Only) ParkRun Experience.

A Third Of Women Harassed While Running.


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