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Friday 500 (And General Writing) Update.

"Are you writing a book blog now?" Mark asked. I think he occasionally checks in just to make sure I'm not writing posts listing his faults. As he brought home a massive slab of chocolate cake and a hot chocolate for me recently,  I'd say he's pretty safe at the mo. To answer his question,… Continue reading Friday 500 (And General Writing) Update.

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Friday 500 – Update Two.

At around week eight of the writing challenge I'm undertaking with my friend Kate, I realised something. Something big. Something I probably should have realised a long, long time ago. No, not that I can't write (although I really do wonder sometimes). It's that I write like a reader. By that I mean the story that appears… Continue reading Friday 500 – Update Two.

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On Going Home.

My lovely friend Kate has just published her brilliant first book and much to my surprise and delight (I actually got teary) she mentioned me in her acknowledgements (not that I actually did a great deal other than gush about how superb I thought her first draft was). After thanking her on Twitter I joked: Although… Continue reading On Going Home.