Book Review: The Last Laugh.

“What’s your book about?” Mark asked. “A woman diagnosed with a terminal illness on the same day she finds out her husband is cheating on her.” Mark looked horrified: “Why on earth would you want to read that?” “It’s really good, honestly.” He didn't look convinced but maybe I didn't sell it very well? Although … Continue reading Book Review: The Last Laugh.


A Look Behind The Book With Lynsey James.

A school careers adviser once told Lynsey James that writing wasn't a "good option". Six books later, I suspect she has something to say about that - and she's still only in her 20s. Her latest novel, A Winter's Wish Come True, is a follow up to A Season Of Hopes And Dreams, which I was … Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Lynsey James.

Book Review: Christmas At Hope Cottage.

If Lily Graham ever fancies a break from writing contemporary fiction (and I hope she doesn’t) I think she’d make a brilliant food writer – as highlighted in her latest book, Christmas At Hope Cottage. I guess when your main character does it for a living you also need to know your stuff but it’s … Continue reading Book Review: Christmas At Hope Cottage.