My Sunday Photo – May 13th, 2018.

wisteria 1.jpeg

After the bluebells comes wisteria and every year I swap favourites from one to the other (and then back again).


This is Waterloo Park in Norwich, doesn’t it look glorious?


I hope you’ve all had a good week. To see what other people have snapped for My Sunday Photo please click on the camera below.

Also, please pop back tomorrow and read my interview with Blogger extraordinaire,  Aby Moore, from You Baby, Me Mummy. We’ve had a chat about her new book, Blogs Change Lives.




My Sunday Photo – Week 22.


In a break from flowers or the toddler, I had a go at capturing water for this week’s #MySundayPhoto.

Imagine Freya’s delight at finding some of the water had been switched on at the splash park in the centre of the children’s play area at our local park. It’s usually only on during the school summer holidays and it is chaotic. This time it was only us an one other family. I’ve never seen her move so fast despite my cries of: “You’ve still got all your clothes on!” Last year she was only crawling so we at least had a chance of keeping her dryish. I think I’m going to be carting a towel and spare clothes about a lot this summer as she LOVES water.

I know I said no flowers but I must also show you the amazing wisteria. I wish I had a scratch and sniff facility for you as the scent was heavenly.

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