My Sunday Photo – January 8, 2017.


It’s been a chilly start to the year in Norwich but Jack Frost created some pretty photo ops – and I got to play with my new 50mm lens.

I already had a 50mm but this one is so quiet and smooth. I actually “oohed” the first time I used it. I’m really surprised by how different it is to the old one (although it had got to the point where that one would only take images it really liked, which wasn’t that often). I’m still getting the hang of it.




I’m lucky that Freya likes being outside whatever the weather (and I make sure she’s well wrapped up). This was the first time she had held a piece of ice.


I’m not sure these poor birds on the pond were as taken with it. There were some rather unfortunate landings.


How’s the weather been where you are?