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Two Egg-citing And Easy Easter Crafts #BostikBlogger

When I was trying to think of Easter crafts it was like I had some sort of mental block. The only word to enter my head over and over again was - I'm sure can you guess - chocolate (and I'm saying that the same way Homer Simpson says "donuts"). Thankfully, when our craft box… Continue reading Two Egg-citing And Easy Easter Crafts #BostikBlogger

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Beautiful Blickling In Bloom.

What do you think of our new home? Not bad, eh? A little small, perhaps, but I think we'll just about manage. Hah! I wish. Although, actually, I don't. I imagine it would cost a fortune to heat, not to mention the upkeep and that's before you even get to the cleaning...I think I'm far… Continue reading Beautiful Blickling In Bloom.