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ARC Review: The Railway Girls.

As a result of one thing and another, I haven’t felt much like reading recently (I’ll post about it soon) and, if my TBR pile had been a physical thing instead of e-books, it would no doubt be about to topple off my bedside table. However, one evening, with a bit of free time on… Continue reading ARC Review: The Railway Girls.

book review, Books, Entertainment, history, Women's Fiction

A Mini Behind The Book With Maisie Thomas.

When author (and friend) Maisie Thomas asked if I’d like to review her novel, The Railway Girls, which is inspired by her great aunt Jessie, I thought it sounded too good an opportunity to miss. Unfortunately my TBR pile is a little bit out of control and I didn’t have time to read it before… Continue reading A Mini Behind The Book With Maisie Thomas.