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ARC Book Review: The Surplus Girls.

I made a huge mistake with The Surplus Girls; I got into bed, picked it up and thought “I’ll just read the first few pages”. The next thing I know it’s way beyond my bedtime and I still don’t want to put it down. It has everything you could want; a gripping story, interesting characters… Continue reading ARC Book Review: The Surplus Girls.

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What’s In A Name? Q&A With Writer Polly Heron (Aka Susanna Bavin).

There’s no denying I have pondered the question of a nom de plume – although that was before I actually started writing a book. It’s such hard work that I know now I’d want my own name attached to it, if I ever finish it. There are, of course, all sorts of reasons why people… Continue reading What’s In A Name? Q&A With Writer Polly Heron (Aka Susanna Bavin).

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Book Review: The Poor Relation.

There’s never a good time to be ill but receiving Susanna Bavin’s new book in the post the day before I was struck down with the latest school lurgy (thanks, Freya) certainly helped soften the blow. While a full body ache, temperature and sore throat were not ideal, a day tucked up in bed was… Continue reading Book Review: The Poor Relation.

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Review: The Sewing Room Girl.

If Susanna Bavin ever needs an alternative career, I think she should consider being a hypnotist.  I’m sure she must have had some training already because the minute I see one of her books, it’s impossible to look away; anything could be happening around me and I wouldn’t notice.  Her third book, The Sewing Room… Continue reading Review: The Sewing Room Girl.