My Sunday Photo – March 19th, 2017.


To celebrate Freya’s return to health we went on a little after school/work trip to get a hot chocolate this week – with a quick detour to capture this beautiful sunset on the way.

From Mousehold Heath you get stunning views over Norwich (here’s a daylight one from last year) but it was the uninterrupted sky that I was interested in.

I always feel really exhilarated being outside at sunset and Freya enjoyed the adventure too (I should point out she’s facing me in the photo and not looking into the sun, which she knows is dangerous).

IMG_6507 2
Mark was happy too!

IMG_6546 2

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My Sunday Photo – Week 32.


We ditched the bedtime routine last night (for the first time ever) and went to Cromer for a sunset adventure – and it was well worth it.

Credit to Mark for this one 🙂

Freya couldn’t quite work out what was going on but had a lot of fun.

Her later night didn’t mean she stayed in bed any longer this morning  (hello, 4.45am) so we are all a bit bleary-eyed today. Hopefully we created some fun memories for her though.

I brought a change of clothes with us (two, actually, just in case) 🙂
I hope you’ve had a brilliant week.