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The End Of Summer.

When planning this year's school summer holiday, I was quite pleased with myself for allowing some much needed down time where we had nothing to do. Then school ended for summer and, despite the my well thought out schedule, it feels like our feet haven't really touched the ground since. We started with a week… Continue reading The End Of Summer.

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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Peonies.

I have resisted and resisted. For weeks. Then I popped into our local shop to get a loaf of bread and bam...peonies in the reduced bucket. Will power? Gone. Sadly they have to live on the balcony because of Mark's horrible hay fever, which is part of the reason why I haven't bought them before.… Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Peonies.

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My Sunday Photo – December 17th, 2017.

As long as I'm dressed appropriately, I don't mind being outside in most weather. Ice, though, is the one thing I hate with a passion. After almost skating to school this week, I was longing for summer so I thought I'd indulge myself by looking through some old photos from our holiday when I came… Continue reading My Sunday Photo – December 17th, 2017.