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A Look Behind The Book With Carla Burgess.

There are some characters I continue to think about long after I've turned the final page of a book - and ex-soldier, Sam, the hero in Carla Burgess' first novel, Marry Me Tomorrow, is one of them. Luckily, Carla seems just as unwilling to let them go and one of the joys of reading her second… Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Carla Burgess.

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Book Review: Stuck With You.

While the idea of being trapped in a lift fills me with terror (hello, claustrophobia), in her new book Carla Burgess has some how managed to make it seem a little less frightening – possibly even ever so slightly appealing. Stuck With You sees Elena come face to face with her unrequited teenage love, Daniel,… Continue reading Book Review: Stuck With You.