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ARC Review: Family For Beginners.

With Family For Beginners, Sarah Morgan has surely added another bestseller to her ever-growing list. The story flows beautifully with deep secrets gradually unfurling and while you might have ideas about what’s coming, I was still surprised. It perfectly explores various themes including single life in our modern world, grief, human nature, blended families and… Continue reading ARC Review: Family For Beginners.

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Book Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan.

It's like Sarah Morgan has been inside my head. She's had a rummage about, moved some tumbleweed aside, picked out every single thing I like in a romance and then put them all in her latest book, Moonlight Over Manhattan. It has the brave yet troubled heroine, the handsome, hot, brooding hero (who also happens… Continue reading Book Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan.

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Book Review: Holiday In The Hamptons.

If Holiday In The Hamptons was a big family-sized bar of chocolate I would have gobbled the entire thing on my own in one sitting, with not even a tiny bit of remorse. Luckily, it's a book and not chocolate – which means all of the enjoyment and none of the calories. Win win. At… Continue reading Book Review: Holiday In The Hamptons.

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Book Review: New York, Actually.

There is an entertaining twist in the tale (or should that be tail) early in Sarah Morgan’s new book, New York, Actually – don’t worry, I won’t give any more away but it definitely made me chuckle. I’ll say right off the bat that I’m an avid reader of her novels and this is, in… Continue reading Book Review: New York, Actually.