A Look Behind The Book With Lucy Mitchell.

Monday mornings were always just that bit more manageable when I knew Lucy Mitchell would be posting the latest instalment of The Diary of Roxy Collins on her blog. Her funny, warm and relatable series, featuring a single mother of three, looking for love after some disastrous relationships, has since been turned into a popular … Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Lucy Mitchell.


Book Review: The Last Laugh.

“What’s your book about?” Mark asked. “A woman diagnosed with a terminal illness on the same day she finds out her husband is cheating on her.” Mark looked horrified: “Why on earth would you want to read that?” “It’s really good, honestly.” He didn't look convinced but maybe I didn't sell it very well? Although … Continue reading Book Review: The Last Laugh.

Book Review: Single For The Summer.

Thank goodness I was in the comfort of my own home while reading Mandy Baggot’s new book, Single For The Summer. Had I been on a bus or a train, I would definitely have been that annoying woman people moan about on social media by constantly guffawing. There was no keeping it in though; it’s a … Continue reading Book Review: Single For The Summer.