My Sunday Photo – November 4th, 2018.


We had a rather damp end to October in Norfolk but you know what that means? Lots of lovely rainbows.


Despite the weather, we decided to head to Overstrand last weekend and were treated to some wonderful sights between showers. I was desperately trying to get a photo of Freya with a full rainbow but just as it appeared about 12 people arrived on the otherwise empty beach. Typical.

She enjoyed herself splashing in the tidal pool instead.



It was quite windy and we got attacked by sea foam at one point.


Hope you’ve had a good week and a bright start to November.

To see what other people have shared for My Sunday Photo, please click on the camera below. Darren has announced that the linky will be finishing at the end of 2018 so we better make the most of it while we can. A big thank you to him for hosting for so long, I’ve loved taking part.


My Sunday Photo – Week 20.


I’ll call this The Beach Spam Edition – sorry!

Before it got freezing cold again (in Norfolk, anyway) we had a lovely couple of mornings at two different beaches (Cromer and Overstrand). Freya is quite content making sand pies with the occasional paddle to collect water in her bucket (she had her wellies on but I forgot mine. I can confirm the sea is still cold).


We made a rookie mistake on our second visit by not checking the tides, which meant when we arrived there wasn’t any beach to play on. Whoops!

I had a lovely time snapping away, especially at the sea defences. I’ve got about 50 photos of them from every angle. There was something about them that just fascinated me. Don’t worry, I’ll only post one (plus a couple of bird pics).




Wishing you a happy (and warm) week.