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“When bluebells seemed like fairy gifts.”

The Bluebell by Anne Bronte. A fine and subtle spirit dwellsIn every little flower,Each one its own sweet feeling breathesWith more or less of power. There is a silent eloquenceIn every wild bluebellThat fills my softened heart with blissThat words could never tell. Yet I recall not long agoA bright and sunny day,'Twas when I led… Continue reading “When bluebells seemed like fairy gifts.”

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Norwich in Bloom and Blossom.

I've been on blossom watch for weeks now, heading out with my camera and phone every so often and snapping various flora as they come into bloom. The first time I went by St Peter Mancroft Church in the heart of Norwich, which I have taken photos of many times before, I thought I had… Continue reading Norwich in Bloom and Blossom.

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The Last Voyage of the HMS Gloucester Exhibition at Norwich Castle Museum.

If they are not already making a film about the discovery of HMS Gloucester, someone needs to get on that. Right now! Dubbed 'Norfolk’s Mary Rose', the ship hit a sandbank and sank off the coast of Great Yarmouth in 1682.  There it lay, undisturbed, for more than 300 years… Until 2007 when two Norfolk… Continue reading The Last Voyage of the HMS Gloucester Exhibition at Norwich Castle Museum.

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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Boats And Butterflies.

I missed the best of the blossom, the bluebells, the wisteria but thankfully still managed to capture some butterflies this year. Is it just me or does being outside seem all the sweeter now. Like everything is brighter, bolder, more buzzy. Yesterday we went for a walk in the countryside and there were insects galore… Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Boats And Butterflies.