Norfolk Adventures – Alby Gardens.

  It is amazing to think it was little more than meadow when Valerie and John Alston first bought the land. More than 40 years on, it is transformed – although that doesn't feel like a big enough word to describe what has taken place at Alby Gardens. The four acres are filled with trees … Continue reading Norfolk Adventures – Alby Gardens.


Photographing A Swallowtail Butterfly.

After a two-year quest, I finally got my wish to photograph a swallowtail butterfly last year. It involved driving to Strumpshaw Fen, walking down a country lane, standing in a field with lots of other photographers and waiting. Some had folding chairs, some were in camo gear and they all had huge long lenses. When … Continue reading Photographing A Swallowtail Butterfly.

My Weekend Photo – Featuring Baby Animals.

My running buddy suggested a trip to the Sainsbury Centre to see The Body Observed: Magnum Photos, to celebrate her birthday on Friday and I was happy to oblige. However, on the walk through the University of East Anglia campus to meet her, I was distracted by these baby bunnies amid the bluebells - and arrived … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Baby Animals.

My Weekend Photo – Featuring Bluebells.

"If I stayed home from school today, we could go and look for bluebells." Nice try, Freya. Nice try. I can't say I wasn't tempted so she definitely knows how to push my buttons. If she's like this at five, goodness knows what she'll be like as a teenager. Anyway, I stayed strong and sent … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Bluebells.