My Sunday Photo – April 29th, 2018.


A rather predictable My Sunday Photo this week but who can resist bluebells? Certainly not me.


We were supposed to take a family trip to Strumpshaw Fen to see them yesterday but it was raining and neither Freya nor my parents wanted to tramp about in the wet so just Mark and I went for an hour.

Even in the rain, it was lovely.


This is the second year we’ve been to see them at the reserve and, just like last year, I frantically started taking photos of the few dotted about before we rounded a bend and there was just a carpet of blue. It was magical. And the smell! Oh, the smell.

One happy Tara.

IMG_3772 2
I was on a path here (as was Mark). Don’t worry, no bluebells were trampled.

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My Sunday Photo – February 25th, 2018.

IMG_0426 2.jpg

“Just enjoy the light,” I told myself, knowing that if I tried to take a photo I wouldn’t be able to do it justice.

It was just too tempting, though, and I had a go. This is as good as I could get. You’ll have to take my word for it that the tree looked magical with the sun rays streaming in.

Speaking of photography, someone who does know what they are doing is Anita Corbin. Her Visible Girls: Revisited exhibition in on at Norwich Arts Centre at the moment and is amazing. I’ll put up a post about it shortly but do go if you get the chance.

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My Sunday Photo – November 26th, 2017.


We actually checked the weather the night before we went for a walk at the RSPB’s Surlingham Church Marsh, near Norwich, and we knew we had to get out reasonably early to beat the rain.


It was cold but lovely and bright and we were hopeful of seeing some wildlife – until the clay pigeon shooting on the opposite bank started. Nothing seemed keen to come out with all the bangs going on.

Imagine our excitement when Mark spotted a toad in the middle of the path. I quickly snapped off a shot, thinking it would hop off as Freya excitedly thundered towards it but there it sat…because it was a rubber toy.


Ah well, it was still a lovely morning (and we were sitting drinking hot chocolate just as the rain started).

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