My Sunday Photo – September 17th, 2017.

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I had a break from worrying about Freya starting full time school this week when I helped out on a cover photo shoot for the fantastic Norwich Resident magazine.

The photographer, Julia Holland, arranged for her friend, Kelly, to bring his truck as a prop for the vintage-style shoot. Seriously, how cool is he? We had a lovely chat about the truck while we were watching Julia hard at work.

It’s one of those times I wished I had my big camera on me but I know my shot wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as Julia’s. She just has something magical about her work. Check out her amazing portrait of Kelly, shared on Instagram, here. I couldn’t resist taking one on my iPhone though.

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My Sunday Photo – September 10th, 2017.


While I’ve seen some butterflies about this week, there definitely haven’t been as many – so I thought I’d cheer myself up by remembering a few of the recent ones we have spotted.





I’m still sad I didn’t get to see a swallowtail this year but it gives me something to look forward to next year.

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

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My Sunday Photo – September 3rd, 2017.


How is it September already? The trees are already changing colour here, which seems much earlier than the last few years. If that wasn’t enough of a sign of the changing seasons, the nights are also pulling in and, once again, I’m getting to see some sunrises. Of course, the biggest sign that summer is over is that Freya starts school this week *cry*. I’m completely burying my head in the sand about that and instead looking back over our holiday photos – and wishing for another week or two.

Today’s My Sunday Photo is from an early evening visit to my of my favourite beaches, Holkham. It’s hard to really describe it but I feel exhilarated when I’m there. I don’t know whether its the big sky, the endless sand or the fact its bordered by a forest but it’s such a special place (it’s featured in lots of films, including the Oscar-winning Shakespeare In Love).


I was thrilled to see horses enjoying the gentle surf when we arrived. We walked a long way to get closer but it was worth it, especially when one of the riders kindly stopped and let us meet the gorgeous Red, who is apparently a big fan of children. The feeling was mutual and Freya still talks about him.

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