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Book Review: How To Be Happy.

A book where you know at least one person dies doesn’t sound like it’s going to be uplifting but if I had to use one word to describe How To Be Happy, by Eva Woods, it would be that. There’s something about this story that really appealed to me. I know it won’t be everyone’s… Continue reading Book Review: How To Be Happy.

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Life with a two-year-old (it’s a bit surreal).

"Oh, hello Michael," Freya said conversationally to a man in the entrance of M&S food hall. A man clearly not called Michael. He looked bemused. I smiled, a little apologetically, and gave a shrug that was meant to convey: "No idea what she's on about. Kids, eh!" Mark turned to me with a frown and said:… Continue reading Life with a two-year-old (it’s a bit surreal).

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A lesson in toy naming.

Speaking in that slightly shrill way when you know your toddler is about to kick-off and you are desperately trying to prevent that happening by being overly jolly and a bit too loud, I said: “Look! There’s Bear Grylls.” The heads of three ladies nearby popped up like excited meerkats, whipping around to the direction… Continue reading A lesson in toy naming.