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ARC Review: The Railway Girls.

As a result of one thing and another, I haven’t felt much like reading recently (I’ll post about it soon) and, if my TBR pile had been a physical thing instead of e-books, it would no doubt be about to topple off my bedside table. However, one evening, with a bit of free time on… Continue reading ARC Review: The Railway Girls.

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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Norwich.

I haven't purposely gone out with my camera this week but I have snapped a few here and there, which I thought I would share. The sunrise required no effort at all as it was taken from the living room window while sitting on the sofa. The others were taken while I was in the… Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Norwich.

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My Weekend Photo – Featuring The V&A, London.

It was a world first. A clever way to entice visitors into the South Kensington Museum, as the V&A was known then, to experience all the cultural delights on offer. What do you think I'm talking about? Huge sculptures? Breathtaking art? Actually, Henry Cole, the founding director, made sure the first thing visitors in the 1860s… Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring The V&A, London.

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Book Review: Bloody Brilliant Women.

Mark recently bought Freya the children’s book, Fantastically Great Women Who Made History, written by Kate Pankhurst. After reading it with her I remember thinking two things ‘yay for Mark’ and ‘I wish there was something like this for adults’. BEHOLD, Bloody Brilliant Women. Journalist and presenter Cathy Newman has plugged a gap in the… Continue reading Book Review: Bloody Brilliant Women.