Book Review: One Day In December.

It was just a moment. Our eyes met, no, not met, more like collided, and something just...clicked - or at least it did for me. Maybe he didn’t give me another thought. Maybe I only noticed him because he was wearing a tuxedo at 10.30am? Or maybe it was because he practically fell out of … Continue reading Book Review: One Day In December.


Book Review: The Deserter’s Daughter.

When the paperback version of Susanna Bavin’s debut, The Deserter’s Daughter, arrived in the post I Tweeted this photo with the caption: “That’s my weekend reading sorted.” In reality, I turned the first page on Friday night and the next thing I knew it was 24 hours later and I was breathing a happy sigh … Continue reading Book Review: The Deserter’s Daughter.

Book Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan.

It's like Sarah Morgan has been inside my head. She's had a rummage about, moved some tumbleweed aside, picked out every single thing I like in a romance and then put them all in her latest book, Moonlight Over Manhattan. It has the brave yet troubled heroine, the handsome, hot, brooding hero (who also happens … Continue reading Book Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan.