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A Rainy Sunday Trip To Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk.

What to do on a wet Sunday? Perhaps it wasn't the ideal weather to be outdoors but Freya has fond memories of Felbrigg Hall's walled garden and really wanted to return - and with the local football derby taking place in the city, it seemed like heading out of Norwich might be a good idea. If… Continue reading A Rainy Sunday Trip To Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk.

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Norfolk Adventures: Felbrigg Hall.

Quite often when I visit an historic home I admire the grandeur on display, ponder how much it costs to heat in the winter and perhaps imagine myself flouncing up a sweeping staircase in a long silk dress but very rarely do I ever think “Yes, I could live here”. I’m not sure what it… Continue reading Norfolk Adventures: Felbrigg Hall.