Review: The Sewing Room Girl.

If Susanna Bavin ever needs an alternative career, I think she should consider being a hypnotist.  I’m sure she must have had some training already because the minute I see one of her books, it’s impossible to look away; anything could be happening around me and I wouldn’t notice.  Her third book, The Sewing Room … Continue reading Review: The Sewing Room Girl.


Book Review: A Respectable Woman.

With her second book Susanna Bavin has cemented her place as one of the country’s leading family saga writers. Following the success of her debut, The Deserter’s Daughter, it must have been quite a feat to come up with a story equally as good but, in my opinion, she’s produced something even better. And I … Continue reading Book Review: A Respectable Woman.

Book Review: The Deserter’s Daughter.

When the paperback version of Susanna Bavin’s debut, The Deserter’s Daughter, arrived in the post I Tweeted this photo with the caption: “That’s my weekend reading sorted.” In reality, I turned the first page on Friday night and the next thing I knew it was 24 hours later and I was breathing a happy sigh … Continue reading Book Review: The Deserter’s Daughter.