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Simple Creature ‘Hand’ Puppets #BostikBlogger.

When our latest craft box arrived I was a little despondent because surely nothing could top paper flowers? Had we peaked too soon? I opened it up and you know in films when a child lifts the lid of treasure box, the special effects kick in and they are bathed in a golden glow? Well,… Continue reading Simple Creature ‘Hand’ Puppets #BostikBlogger.

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Easy Crafts For Children – Cereal Box Theatre.

We had only been home from our little holiday an hour or so when Freya started rooting about in our little stash of crafting bits and bobs for something to make. Luckily, instead of recycling useful cereal boxes I have been hiding them away since the start of the summer holidays and so, like some… Continue reading Easy Crafts For Children – Cereal Box Theatre.