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A Look Behind The Book With Lynsey James.

A school careers adviser once told Lynsey James that writing wasn't a "good option". Six books later, I suspect she has something to say about that - and she's still only in her 20s. Her latest novel, A Winter's Wish Come True, is a follow up to A Season Of Hopes And Dreams, which I was… Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Lynsey James.

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Sisterhood, motherhood and my fantasy travel destination.

Well, these Q&A posts seem to be like buses, I waited ages for one and now two more have come along. I've been nominated by Clare who blogs brilliantly at Mud and Nettles for the Sisterhood of the World Award and the lovely Lisa (does that make it sound like she's a quiz show contestant?) at… Continue reading Sisterhood, motherhood and my fantasy travel destination.

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A lesson in toy naming.

Speaking in that slightly shrill way when you know your toddler is about to kick-off and you are desperately trying to prevent that happening by being overly jolly and a bit too loud, I said: “Look! There’s Bear Grylls.” The heads of three ladies nearby popped up like excited meerkats, whipping around to the direction… Continue reading A lesson in toy naming.

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Recapturing my 1980s youth…

I was able to relive a small portion of my youth yesterday afternoon by dancing and singing along to some old favourites including Five Star, Bjorn Again, Sister Sledge and Jason Donovan at the Reload Festival (please excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone, which probably dates from the 1980s).… Continue reading Recapturing my 1980s youth…