My Sunday Photo – July 2nd, 2017.

curls rain

Even on a normal day Freya’s hair is pretty wild but when it’s humid it goes super curly, as you can see from this photo I snapped on Wednesday.

It only really started to grow in the last year and while I love it, I do wonder what she will make of it when she’d older, if it stays the same. Will she be trying to straighten it to within an inch of its life? Will she embrace the curls? Will she move to a country where there is low humidity? Time will tell, I guess.

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Also, I have two new Behind The Book authors for you this month and they are FABULOUS. Pop back tomorrow and meet Jessica Redland who not only has a brilliant story behind her first book (I’m a proper fan girl) but also offers some inspiration for any writers who might be struggling to get published.

Wishing you a great week.