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Book Review: Jolly Good Food.

On another rainy day, while Freya was recovering from chickenpox, I gave her £2 and said: “Buy what you want” from the charity shop. Of course she got the nosiest, pinkest toy available (a rock guitar, which she played ALL THE WAY HOME). When will I learn? However, while she was rooting through boxes and… Continue reading Book Review: Jolly Good Food.

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Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.

"Can I just check? We're not doing any of that Valentine's rubbish this year, are we?" Mark asked on Sunday. "I just want to make sure that if I don't get you anything you're not going to present me with a handmade card or something?" Well, thanks Mark, there go my dreams of romance on… Continue reading Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.