Two Egg-citing And Easy Easter Crafts #BostikBlogger


When I was trying to think of Easter crafts it was like I had some sort of mental block. The only word to enter my head over and over again was – I’m sure can you guess – chocolate (and I’m saying that the same way Homer Simpson says “donuts”).

Thankfully, when our craft box arrived it was chock full (sorry!) of egg-cellent (that’s the last, promise!) Eastery/spring things and I soon had plenty of cracking (can I get away with that one?) ideas of what we could make.

As well as painting foam eggs various shades of pink for a little egg hunt in the garden (I’ll leave you to imagine them), we made a button egg card to send to Freya’s great grandma and also had a first go with fabric paint to create a simple tulip cloth bag. Freya has now added fashion designer to her long, long list of future careers (she’s going to be a busy girl). We will definitely be doing some more fabric painting in the future.

To make the button card we used:

A card.


Bostik Fine & Wide Glu Pen.

Step one.


I used the fine end of the Glu pen to draw an egg shape and then let Freya use the wide end to fill it in.


Step two.


When I was small my mum had a box full of buttons I used to play with. I actually remember the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana being on tele in 1981 (showing my age now!) and I was sat at the table recreating it in buttons. I told Freya this story and she said: “Didn’t you have dolls in the olden days?”

While she didn’t want to play with them, she did enjoy picking which ones went where – and the good thing about the Glu is that you can move them about quite easily.

IMG_0366 3

Once the Glu has set the buttons are firmly stuck on  (I shook the card a couple of times and everything stayed in place). Hopefully Freya’s great grandma will enjoy it.

To make the tulip bag we used:


Purple Tulip Pearl Dimensional Fabric Paint.

Small cloth bag.

Tulip (or egg) shape for a template.

Green ribbon for the stem.

Blue glitter glue for the outline.

Step 1.IMG_5614

Freya and I (excuse my plaster, I accidentally stabbed myself with a kitchen knife) used the tulip as a template to draw around.

Step two.


I blobbed some more paint in the middle and then gave Freya a paint brush to colour it all in. As she went over the line in places I thought I’d outline it with glitter glue to make it a bit neater but what I hadn’t realised was that the fabric paint actually dries up hard so you can use that to outline. (Note to self for next time.)


Step three.

We left it to dry flat near the radiator overnight and then added a small piece of green ribbon for the stalk, stuck on with normal glue.

IMG_0332 3

Freya loves bags and has been taking this one out with us everywhere.


* Please note: We receive a craft box from Craft Merrily free of charge, as part of our role as Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers, in return for this post. 


Three Fun And Easy Valentine’s Crafts #BostikBlogger


Once again this year, I have pushed home the idea that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all sorts of love and not just romantic love – although, aged four, Freya has already decided who is she going to marry and seems quite determined.

Anyway, we’ve gone a bit craft crazy because when she started thinking about all the people she loves, it was quite a list!

Here are three more fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts, which we will be sending to various family members and friends.

Hearts and flowers card.


We used:

Pretty card

Green card.

Red card.


Our monthly craft box, which we receive from Craft Merrily as part of our role as a Tots 100 Bostik Blogger, had lots of beautiful patterned paper and card in it this month, which we thought would be perfect for flowers.

We drew around a heart shape we already had and then cut them out. We folded them to make them look a bit more 3D (although not sure it actually makes much difference).

The stalks are made from green card and we positioned them on the red card first before sticking on the heart blooms. We then stuck on the pink ribbon to make it look like one of those hand-tied expensive bouquets.


String heart.


We used:


Bostik White Glu.

Mini paper roses.

Baking paper.


I’d say this was by far Freya’s favourite craft because she got to get her hands messy.

We started by drawing a heart on the baking paper and then dumping the string in a pot of glu (I diluted it the first time but it didn’t dry very well so we made the next ones with pure glu).


Once is was well covered, we then bended it to made the shape on the baking paper and left it to dry over night.

It was really quite solid. I thought it looked a bit bare on its own so I wrapped a couple of the little paper roses around it.

It works well as a hanging decoration, stuck on a flower put or on a card (I think so, anyway).



Salt dough hearts.


Salt dough is an old favourite in our house – and we made these on a day Freya was home from school poorly.

Our tried and tested recipe is a cup of plain flour, a cup of salt and half a cup of warm water. This rolls out well and holds the shape. I know you can oven dry them but, as we’ve had the heating on recently, I just put them on a baking tray on top of the radiator for a few days (I turned them over when the top turned lighter) and job done.

Freya wants to write her name on the back but I also thought you could write a nice message on card and stick it on, in case it’s hard writing directly on to the salt dough.



Please note: We were sent a box of craft materials for free in return for this blog post.

Easy Crafts – 2018 Seasons Calendar #BostikBlogger


I found myself longing for summer this week as Freya and I practically skated to school on paths of ice.

Winter is not my favourite season but it does have some good elements (awesome sunrises, for example). Freya and I were chatting about what we liked about each season before we started our latest craft project – a simple 2018 calendar.

I asked her what colour she associated with each. She picked pink for spring, yellow for summer, orange for autumn and white (not that we’ve had more than a dusting of snow in Norwich) for winter. I then asked her what she remembered about each season. We’ve done quite a lot of crafting around this topic, including our sun catcher window you can see above, which we have added to as the year has gone on, so she had plenty to say.

We then set to work making a seasons calendar using items from our monthly craft box, which we receive from Craft Merrily as part of our role as a Tots100 Bostik Blogger.


We used:

Five pieces of coloured card.

A small calendar.

Brown and green paint.

Pink tissue paper.

Red buttons.


Pretty tape.

Flower shapes

Bostik Foam Pads.

Glittery sticky card.

Rainbow wire to hang it from (although a ribbon would work just as well).

Tape measure.

Bostik White Glu.

A small doily to make snowflakes.


Step 1.


Now, as you probably know, I’m a big fan of the guesstimate but I thought we’d actually measure the base card this time and work out how big our season cards needed to be before cutting them to size.



Step 2.

With all the cards cut it was time to hand print the trees. Freya is a big fan of painting herself so that wasn’t a problem.



Step 3.

Once they were dry we attached them to the base card using the foam pads so they stuck out a bit and then I popped the calendar in the middle.


Step 4.

When I asked Freya about the seasons she said things such as blossom for spring, flowers for summer, golden leaves for autumn and snow (she’s hoping) for winter so we set about trying to make each season using the bits and bobs from the box.

Step 5.

The final thing to do was tape the pretty wire to the back and make sure it could hold the weight, which thankfully it did.


We made this for Freya’s great grandma so I hope she likes it.

Do you have a favourite season? I think mine has to be summer, although I do like autumn too.

Note: We were sent a box of craft items for free in return for this post.