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ARC Book Review: For Emily.

Do you read book dedications? I do, always, and quite often they make me wonder about that person, especially if it's just one name or an initial. It seems to be something Katherine Slee has also pondered, given that her debut, For Emily, centres around a series of cryptic dedications in children’s books written by… Continue reading ARC Book Review: For Emily.

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Book Review: Lost For Words.

There was no growing to like Loveday, the main character in Stephanie Butland’s novel, Lost For Words, it was an instant and lasting connection. Maybe it was simply a shared love of books? Although I don’t think love is a strong enough word for what they mean to her. Maybe it was her comic timing.… Continue reading Book Review: Lost For Words.

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Book Review: One Day In December.

With a cast list as long as the one in Shari Low’s latest book, I was worried my poor, weary brain wouldn't be able to cope but One Day In December is so well written, engrossing and entertaining that I was more than able to keep up. As the title suggests, the story follows a… Continue reading Book Review: One Day In December.

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How to inspire an earth-friendly child.

Since I've been working on my book (oh, did I already mention I'm writing a book, I forget?*) I've realised that some aspects of parenting are a bit like one of the most important rules in creative writing - show not tell - certainly when it comes to raising a "green" child. The other day… Continue reading How to inspire an earth-friendly child.