Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

Every so often while reading My Sister’s Lies, a big dinner gong felt like it went off right beside my ear. ‘Wait, what?’ I would think and then have to scroll back through everything I'd previously read in my head, asking myself why I hadn’t added up the clues before. They were definitely there but … Continue reading Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.


Book Review: Jolly Good Food.

On another rainy day, while Freya was recovering from chickenpox, I gave her £2 and said: “Buy what you want” from the charity shop. Of course she got the nosiest, pinkest toy available (a rock guitar, which she played ALL THE WAY HOME). When will I learn? However, while she was rooting through boxes and … Continue reading Book Review: Jolly Good Food.

Book Review: A Summer Of New Beginnings.

I was just over a third of the way through A Summer Of New Beginnings when I had to put it aside and start looking up sleeper trains and the North Coast 500. One of the best things about this book is that Lisa Hobman’s love for Scotland, and the Highlands in particular, shines through … Continue reading Book Review: A Summer Of New Beginnings.