My Sunday Photo – March 12th, 2017.


I had a couple of hours of “me time” last Sunday and visited a new exhibition at Norwich Castle called Small Stories: At Home In A Dolls’ House (more photos here).

The finale features “magical, miniature rooms” specially created by Norfolk architects, artists, makers, students, and school groups. The one above particularly called to me, I think I might have actually sighed with pleasure at even the thought of such a decadent bath.

It’s a fab exhibition, if you happen to be in Norwich, and well worth a look.

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PS If you voted for me in the Best Personal Blog 2016 category of the Nepaliaustralian Awards, THANK YOU. I won!



Best Personal Blog 2016 – Thank You.


We had a late night dash to the on-call doctor last night with Freya – don’t worry she’s ok.

Miraculously, as soon as I mentioned the word “doctor” she was full of life – a far cry from the child with a temperature of 40+, who was wailing that she would “be ill for ever and ever” and complaining of a very sore throat and tummy ache.

After a short wait, a very jolly doctor examined her (with a fist bump or a high five after every check) and declared it was nothing serious, thank goodness.

We went home to bed but she was up pretty much every half an hour from then on (and is currently asleep on the sofa beside me, which is unheard of, even after a disturbed night, so I know she’s still not quite right). 

best-personal-blogAnyway, as you can imagine, I’m feeling a little fragile today and when I opened my email first thing to find I’d won the Best Personal Blog 2016 category in the Nepaliaustralian Awards I’ll admit I got a little teary.

Thank you to whoever nominated me and then everyone who took the time to vote. I don’t generally go in for awards but this one, run by a blogging mum, really spoke to me and I am thrilled to have won.

On that note, thank you to M from Nepaliaustralian for taking the time to run them and also congratulations to all the other winners, which include some of my favourites. Please check them out too.