Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

Every so often while reading My Sister’s Lies, a big dinner gong felt like it went off right beside my ear. ‘Wait, what?’ I would think and then have to scroll back through everything I'd previously read in my head, asking myself why I hadn’t added up the clues before. They were definitely there but … Continue reading Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.


Review: The Sewing Room Girl.

If Susanna Bavin ever needs an alternative career, I think she should consider being a hypnotist.  I’m sure she must have had some training already because the minute I see one of her books, it’s impossible to look away; anything could be happening around me and I wouldn’t notice.  Her third book, The Sewing Room … Continue reading Review: The Sewing Room Girl.

A Look Behind The Book With Shari Low.

Shari Low is a writer who ticks all the boxes for me - as you will know if you've read any of my reviews of her books (I used the word 'perfection' to describe one). Her tangled plot lines, authentic characters and wonderful writing style, which is always bursting with heart, has made her a number one … Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Shari Low.