We Made A Leaf Bowl (And It Wasn’t Just A Gloopy Mess).

It’s taken a year for me to work up the enthusiasm to give making a leaf bowl another try  – and I’m so pleased I did.

Our last attempt (at a leaf crown because we didn’t have enough leaves) turned into a soggy, smushed up mess. I wasn’t entirely hopeful that this one would be any different but I thought Freya would have fun with the gloopy glue (plus we had a balloon left over from her birthday) so I thought ‘why not?’


We gathered some lovely leaves, brought them home and set to work.

I used Bostik White Glu (of course) this time, watered down ever so slightly. I cut the stalks off and then got Freya to paste pretty much at will.


She then handed them to me (the joy!) and I wrapped them around the biggest bit of the balloon. We then liberally applied another coat of glue.

IMG_4414 2

Before leaving it to dry.

IMG_4415 2

Ideally, I would have left it for longer than 24 hours but Freya was excited so, even though it was still a bit wet inside, we did the best bit (if you’re four).

As I have a deep hatred of balloons, especially when they pop, Mark did the honours (and I videoed it, holding one hand over my ear which, surprisingly, didn’t help).

Here you go.

Once we removed the balloon it all bounced back into shape and this is how it turned out .



Would I keep my fruit in it? Probably not. Is it a beautiful addition to our windowsill bringing a touch of the outdoors inside? Absolutely.

Have you ever made a leaf bowl? What did you keep in it? 



My Sunday Photo – November 12th, 2017.


The last time Mark and I had a rare day off together without Freya we were completely clueless as to what to do with ourselves – and ended up wasting the day.

This time we had a plan. A trip to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden. I’ve been before but it was Mark’s first visit. After dropping her off at school, off we went. It was a cold but gloriously sunny day.

There was plenty of autumn colour.


Don’t tell the others but this is my new favourite tree.


Plus some lovely flashes of pink (and blue if you include the kingfisher that whizzed by).

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Wishing you a great week ahead.



My five Easy Green reminders for autumn.

AutumnAhhhh, autumn. I’ve seen lots of lovely posts welcoming the season but I’m afraid I’m not quite ready to embrace it just yet.

I’m still mourning the loss of summer – although I’ll do the same when autumn moves to winter and so on. Maybe I just don’t like change?

Every season has its good and bad points and I admit there is a lot to like about autumn but, for me, it is also the time when some not so great habits start to creep back in – and all because of the weather (at least that’s my excuse).

green2In a bid to cut myself off before I start, I’ve come up with my five Easy Green reminders for autumn:

Heating: It is oh-so-tempting, especially at 4.30am, to put the heating on at this time of year when actually just adding another layer of clothes (or a dressing gown) would probably do the job. I’ll be pleased with myself when the energy bill comes in.

Drinks: My addiction to shop-bought hot chocolate goes from bad to worse as it gets colder (believe me, if I could create one at home that tastes as good I would). I’m trying to cut back, honest, but in the meantime I MUST make sure to take my own reusable cup with me and at least save one element of waste (and some pennies).

IMG_1039 (1)Clothes: “I need a new coat,” I declared after digging my old one out of the bottom of the wardrobe and finding it was ripped under the arm. Do I though, really? Of course not. Even if a friend hadn’t volunteered to mend it (thank goodness for handy friends), there is still plenty of wear left in it, especially if I don’t flap my arm around. As the temperature drops, I find it tempting to splurge on new things (especially pajamas, for some reason) when I know I could save some money (for hot chocolate) and help the environment by reusing the old ones or, if I really need something new, look for it pre-loved first. Speaking of which, if you do have a sort out why not donate your old warm clothes (the non-torn ones) to a charity helping the homeless, particularly hats and gloves.

Food: If you buy food when it is in season it will not only be at its best but it should also be cheaper because there is more of it. I know this and yet I struggle to act upon it. This year I’m on a mission to get better at it. According to Eat Seasonably, this month things like blackberries (foraged) and runner beans (my dad brought us some from his garden) are good to go. They have a handy chart so you can find out other things to cook.

Outside fun: It’s tempting to want to cuddle up under a fluffy blanket and stay inside (well it is for me) but there is much fun to be had outdoors in the autumn – and best of all, it’s free. Now Freya is older and less inclined to put EVERYTHING in her mouth I’m really looking forward to having fun in the park with leaves and collecting bits and bobs to make things with. I’ve started a Pinterest board to gather some ideas, if you’re interested.

Wishing you all a lovely autumn (sorry to anyone on the other side of the world – although you have got summer to come. Lucky you!).

Have you got any Easy Green tips for autumn? I’d love to hear them.