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ARC Review: The Man I Loved Before.

“A compelling tale of our time” is how I summed up Anna Mansell’s new book to a friend. That was only after I had spent the previous, what felt like, 30 minutes trying to relate just how gripping and powerful I found it using a lot more words – some of which I will share… Continue reading ARC Review: The Man I Loved Before.

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Book Review: The Lost Wife.

After loving a debut, I almost nervously approach an author’s second novel – often holding my breath for the first few pages until I know it’s all going to be ok. In the case of The Lost Wife, I knew within the first few paragraphs that I was going to enjoy it, which was good… Continue reading Book Review: The Lost Wife.

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Book Review: How To Mend A Broken Heart.

My first thought after finishing Anna Mansell’s debut novel, How To Mend A Broken Heart, was “wow” – it is, quite simply, stunning. I am in awe of the way this compelling story comes together, especially as certain elements keep you guessing right to the end. The main characters, Kat, Susan and Rhys, are exceptionally… Continue reading Book Review: How To Mend A Broken Heart.