Book Review: Don’t You Forget About Me.

If I was putting together a course for people wanting to write chick lit, female-led fiction or whatever you’re comfortable calling it, Mhairi McFarlane’s latest book would be required reading. Don’t You Forget About Me is an exemplar of the genre; it fizzes with energy, it’s hilariously funny and offers some swoon-worthy romance but at … Continue reading Book Review: Don’t You Forget About Me.


Book Review: Bad At Love.

It's very hard not to start with a bee-pun (if you read the book, you'll get it) but I am resisting (so far) because I seriously loved this story. Friends to lovers is one of my favourites, especially when it's as good as Bad At Love.  I've read a few of Karina Halle's books now … Continue reading Book Review: Bad At Love.

Book Review: The Winter That Made Us.

If you want to get your new year reading off to a cracking start, I highly recommend Kate Field’s latest, The Winter That Made Us. I could easily sum it up in one word for you: perfect. Of course, you probably want a few more, as this is a review, and I’m happy to provide … Continue reading Book Review: The Winter That Made Us.