Book Review: Lost For Words.

There was no growing to like Loveday, the main character in Stephanie Butland’s novel, Lost For Words, it was an instant and lasting connection. Maybe it was simply a shared love of books? Although I don’t think love is a strong enough word for what they mean to her. Maybe it was her comic timing. … Continue reading Book Review: Lost For Words.


Book Review: The Winter That Made Us.

If you want to get your new year reading off to a cracking start, I highly recommend Kate Field’s latest, The Winter That Made Us. I could easily sum it up in one word for you: perfect. Of course, you probably want a few more, as this is a review, and I’m happy to provide … Continue reading Book Review: The Winter That Made Us.

A Look Behind The Book With Shari Low.

Shari Low is a writer who ticks all the boxes for me - as you will know if you've read any of my reviews of her books (I used the word 'perfection' to describe one). Her tangled plot lines, authentic characters and wonderful writing style, which is always bursting with heart, has made her a number one … Continue reading A Look Behind The Book With Shari Low.