Why Blog?

It's an age-old question. Or it would be if "age" described the 20-odd years that take us back to the 1990s when blogging began, which seems like only last week to me.  Anyway, it's a question that appears to unite all bloggers at one point or another, no matter how big or small their audience. It is asked … Continue reading Why Blog?


Hello Monday.

When Freya's reflux was at her worst I used to long for those first rays of light in the sky. For some strange, no doubt sleep deprived, reason I didn't feel so alone. Those glorious sunrises got me through some tough (for me, anyway) times. The moon and the sun seemed to be in competition … Continue reading Hello Monday.

Are children today missing out on simple pleasures?

“It’s so nice to be able to come to the park again,” another mum commented as we stood in the sunshine watching our children play. I was wondering if the family had all been poorly with a bug and started to shuffle sideways a bit, just in case, when she added: “Thank goodness the weather … Continue reading Are children today missing out on simple pleasures?

When food before one really isn’t fun…

My daughter recently ate a small piece of bread. I cried. Real tears. At this point you might be thinking, "Dude!" (Because you are a Californian surfer). "Wait till she does a poop in a potty or writes her name for the first time. You are going to be A MESS."  Yes, you are probably … Continue reading When food before one really isn’t fun…