Book Review: The Wisdom Of Sally Red Shoes.

It was a standing joke that when my friend Carolyn and I went on holiday, our trip would inevitably include a visit to a cemetery. Beethoven, Emily Bronte, Brahms, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, we’ve visited them all, along with many thousands of other less famous names - although often with grander graves - around the … Continue reading Book Review: The Wisdom Of Sally Red Shoes.


Book Review: Greatest Hits.

Have you ever read a book featuring a fictional musician and thought 'I wish I could hear their work in real life?' Cass Wheeler, the lead character in Laura Barnett's new book, Greatest Hits, had such an interesting, attractive and authentic voice on the page. I felt sure she had to be real and was … Continue reading Book Review: Greatest Hits.

Book Review: Spandex And The City.

And now for something completely different – well, not completely, exactly, but there’s certainly some extraordinary qualities to Spandex And The City. When I opened the email asking if I’d like to read this book I was hesitant because it’s not totally my sort of thing. I then saw it was written by Jenny Colgan, … Continue reading Book Review: Spandex And The City.