Turning Five, Finally.

“Who are important people?” Freya asked the other day. It was ridiculously hot and we were sat on deckchairs on our balcony, trying to cool down. As her question was a bit out of the blue I thought for a few seconds and then said: “The prime minister, doctors and nurses, suffragettes...erm....” “What about Barry Scott?” … Continue reading Turning Five, Finally.


Easy Crafts For Children – Making A Jam Jar Vase.

As it's just me and you here I'm going to make a small confession. I have a bit of a thing... For jam jars. There I've said it. Once again I thank goodness we live in a flat because I think it's an obsession that could quite easily get out of hand if we had more … Continue reading Easy Crafts For Children – Making A Jam Jar Vase.

Poorly Day Idea: The Post.

Like most of her nursery class, Freya has finally succumbed to The Lurgy. While I'm a big believer in fresh air as a cure for most things, I also think she needs rest, especially when she's up in the night even more than usual, but when you are a lively three-year-old, cuddling up on the sofa doesn't seem … Continue reading Poorly Day Idea: The Post.