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My Sunday Photo – November 4th, 2018.

We had a rather damp end to October in Norfolk but you know what that means? Lots of lovely rainbows. Despite the weather, we decided to head to Overstrand last weekend and were treated to some wonderful sights between showers. I was desperately trying to get a photo of Freya with a full rainbow but… Continue reading My Sunday Photo – November 4th, 2018.

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Writing A Book: What’s Stopping Me?

“When are you going to write your first novel?” I was about 20 minutes into the interview with a wonderful author, with several successful books under his belt, when he turned the tables on me. His question didn’t surprise me – there’s a quote “Every journalist has a novel in him – and that’s the… Continue reading Writing A Book: What’s Stopping Me?

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Pregnancy loss – how to explain it to a toddler?

“Who is Oscar? Is that his house? Can I play with Oscar?” Usually when Freya asks a question I don’t have an answer to, which happens quite a lot these days, I turn to my good friend Google for help - all the while pretending I know, really, but it’s educational for her to help… Continue reading Pregnancy loss – how to explain it to a toddler?

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Somewhere over the rainbow.

Trigger warning: Pregnancy loss mentioned. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby. I'm not sure how it started. I think, maybe, on one of many sad days following the loss of my first pregnancy, I looked up to see a rainbow and felt...I don't… Continue reading Somewhere over the rainbow.