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A Return To Home Schooling (Of Sorts).

With the Easter break over, it was back to home school for us this week - or at least that was the plan. For several different reasons, we weren't as focussed as we had been before the holidays. In fact, one day Freya didn't do any curriculum work at all. And I'm fine with that.… Continue reading A Return To Home Schooling (Of Sorts).

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Time For You – Borrowing Books From The Library.

The Millennium Library, housed inside The Forum in Norwich, has a fantastic children’s area, which we visit almost every week. Not only are there books galore but also dressing up areas, puppets to play with, baby toys and comfy seats to sit and read together (plus various events). As it's in its own enclosed area,… Continue reading Time For You – Borrowing Books From The Library.

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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Is this an existential crisis? I’ve never really understood what that meant before but I think my blog might be experiencing it – it certainly doesn’t know who it is anymore and is asking the ‘big’ questions. Why am I here? Am I happy? Why do they call small bars of chocolate “fun size” when… Continue reading To Blog Or Not To Blog?

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Turning Five, Finally.

“Who are important people?” Freya asked the other day. It was ridiculously hot and we were sat on deckchairs on our balcony, trying to cool down. As her question was a bit out of the blue I thought for a few seconds and then said: “The prime minister, doctors and nurses, suffragettes...erm....” “What about Barry Scott?”… Continue reading Turning Five, Finally.