Blue Sky, Busy Bees And Blossom.

Bee bums are just the cutest thing, don't you think? No, just me? There's a tree at the end of our road we like to call the Fire Tree, because in autumn its leaves turn the most vibrant red. As it turns out, it also looks rather lovely in spring too. It had been taunting … Continue reading Blue Sky, Busy Bees And Blossom.


The Plant Life Cycle.

"Where do you think seeds come from?" After thinking for a moment, Freya said: "Well, we got some from the shop last year." To be fair, she had a point, but I was thinking about it in a more natural sense. As she's had a week off school with the pox, I did a little … Continue reading The Plant Life Cycle.

My Weekend Photo – March 3rd, 2019 (Plus Video).

We thought Freya had already had a mild case of chickenpox as a toddler but it seems we were mistaken because she definitely has it now. I'll admit I freaked out just a tiny bit when I saw the first of what turned out to be several   little blisters on Friday. I cancelled my … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – March 3rd, 2019 (Plus Video).