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What’s in a name?

"Oh, are you related to our manager? That's his name." The lady in the shop asked after I gave my surname for the GiftAid form. "I don't know. It's not really my name," I said. She looked confused and then a bit cross so I hurriedly continued: "I mean, it is my name  but I haven't… Continue reading What’s in a name?

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When you don’t have a week (or even a day) to rest.

"Mummy is poorly, darling," I say, swooning on to the chaise longue* with the back of my hand to my feverish forehead like a 1920s film star in need of her smelling salts (or drugs, any drugs, please). "Ok," Freya says, pausing for about a second before she asks: "Are you all better now?" My… Continue reading When you don’t have a week (or even a day) to rest.

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My Sunday Photo – week 47.

I thought I'd snap a photo of Mark yesterday at the park, as I normally only take photos of flowers or Freya, so I asked him to pose. He turned around and I realised my favourite tree, which has recently been pollarded to within an inch of its life, looked like antlers. Rather than get… Continue reading My Sunday Photo – week 47.