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Freya, Freya, Quite Contrary (Why Didn’t I Name Her Mary?).

At three years and nearly eight months old Freya definitely seems to have climbed aboard the rollercoaster taking her from being a toddler to a child – and what a wild ride it is. Sometimes she seems so grown-up, especially when she’s in her school uniform, racing into nursery without a backward glance. I always… Continue reading Freya, Freya, Quite Contrary (Why Didn’t I Name Her Mary?).

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Easy Valentine Crafts For Children (And Adults).

"What is love?" I ask Freya every so often. When she was a lot younger she would say "hugs" and then "kisses" but this week she said: "It's when two hearts kiss." Awww. "Who do those hearts belong to?" I questioned further. She listed herself and grandad, daddy, nan, grandad Arnie, Grandma, Uncle John, half… Continue reading Easy Valentine Crafts For Children (And Adults).

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Christmas Crafts – Salt Dough Handprints.

Long before Freya was born I liked to add a little homemade-touch to my Christmas gifts, even though my (lack of) skills made everything seem a little..."rustic" - hey, it's the thought that counts, right? From homemade wrapping paper to the year I embroidered cloth bags for everyone (by the end, I've never been so pleased to have… Continue reading Christmas Crafts – Salt Dough Handprints.