Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

How do you feel about plain walls? If I see one I immediately want to fill it with pictures but Mark likes to leave them boring bare. We’ve managed to compromise in the living room with one wall full of photos but I see Freya’s room as fair game – especially if she makes the … Continue reading Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

Leaving On A Jet Plane, Again.

“I miss your brother,” Freya commented about an hour after we dropped him back at his hotel.  He had flown to Holland from the US on business and had popped over to Norwich for two days on his way back. We’d had a lovely time with him but, knowing it will be a while before … Continue reading Leaving On A Jet Plane, Again.

A “Tea-rrific” Valentine’s Gift For Teachers #Bostikblogger

Ever since she went back after the Christmas holiday, Freya hasn't liked school. When we talk to her about what's wrong there's a different problem every day - "she hasn't got any friends", "the work is too hard", "a boy pushed her", "she can't do maths'. We've had tears and tantrums (and that's just me) … Continue reading A “Tea-rrific” Valentine’s Gift For Teachers #Bostikblogger