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Run, Tara, Run.

When my friend and I were sat on the beach last year wondering whether we had it in us to do the couch to 5K programme, I don't think we gave any thought to what might happen afterwards. It's hardly surprising as we were facing eight or more weeks of 6am starts on winter mornings, often running in the… Continue reading Run, Tara, Run.

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Weekend Coffee Share – week 1.

If we were having coffee, I'd start by making sure you wouldn't rather have a tea or hot chocolate or water. And that you were happy with the venue I'd chosen. That the seats were ok and that you wouldn't be happier away from the door. Or in a comfy chair? Then I'd get cross… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share – week 1.

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My new friend thinks I am a stalker.

We recently made some new friends at the park who, as it happens, live just around the corner. Ok, ok, when I say "we" I mean Freya did all the leg work, I was just there in a supporting role the same as the other little girl's mum. They got on so well and as… Continue reading My new friend thinks I am a stalker.