My Weekend Photo – Featuring Monkeys.

As I've mentioned before, a trip to the zoo isn't top of my list of things to do but Freya has been asking to go for a while - and as she had Thursday off because her school was used as a polling station, I bit the bullet. I'm not sure why she wanted to … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring Monkeys.


A Fun Family Staycation In Sheringham, Norfolk.

It wasn’t love at first sight. Navigating Sheringham’s busy high street, crammed with people distracted by the eclectic mix of shops, who all seemed to be accompanied by dogs merrily dancing about their legs, with a blind man and a then four-year-old terrified of our four-legged friends, had not endeared me to the town. However, … Continue reading A Fun Family Staycation In Sheringham, Norfolk.

Turning Five, Finally.

“Who are important people?” Freya asked the other day. It was ridiculously hot and we were sat on deckchairs on our balcony, trying to cool down. As her question was a bit out of the blue I thought for a few seconds and then said: “The prime minister, doctors and nurses, suffragettes...erm....” “What about Barry Scott?” … Continue reading Turning Five, Finally.