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Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.

"Can I just check? We're not doing any of that Valentine's rubbish this year, are we?" Mark asked on Sunday. "I just want to make sure that if I don't get you anything you're not going to present me with a handmade card or something?" Well, thanks Mark, there go my dreams of romance on… Continue reading Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.

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Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

How do you feel about plain walls? If I see one I immediately want to fill it with pictures but Mark likes to leave them boring bare. We’ve managed to compromise in the living room with one wall full of photos but I see Freya’s room as fair game – especially if she makes the… Continue reading Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

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Spotty DIY Living Room Makeover.

While I was decorating the living room last week, I found out something I never knew before (and it wasn’t that I don’t know how to decorate, I knew that already). I thought I’d try something a little bit different with some spots – just to liven things up a bit. Now, when I first… Continue reading Spotty DIY Living Room Makeover.


DIY Bedroom Makeover.

After successfully re-decorating of our bathroom, I was already talking about moving on to the next project – and, more than a year later, I’ve finally managed it. Our bedroom was last decorated shortly after Mark moved in eight and a bit years ago. Before that it was rather...flouncy, shall we say. A friend described… Continue reading DIY Bedroom Makeover.