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Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.

"Can I just check? We're not doing any of that Valentine's rubbish this year, are we?" Mark asked on Sunday. "I just want to make sure that if I don't get you anything you're not going to present me with a handmade card or something?" Well, thanks Mark, there go my dreams of romance on… Continue reading Valentine’s Day DIY Chocolate Cake Toppers.


Harry Potter Theme Toilet Roll Craft For Kids.

"I can't wait until I'm 11 and I find out if I'm a wizard." It was the first thing Freya said to me the other morning, before I had even opened my eyes. Gah! Is this a Father Christmas scenario where I let her believe until she doesn't? Or do I crush her dreams of… Continue reading Harry Potter Theme Toilet Roll Craft For Kids.

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Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

How do you feel about plain walls? If I see one I immediately want to fill it with pictures but Mark likes to leave them boring bare. We’ve managed to compromise in the living room with one wall full of photos but I see Freya’s room as fair game – especially if she makes the… Continue reading Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

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Easy Autumn Crafts – Leaf Butterfly.

Earlier this year we joined the RSPB and as well as access to all the reserves we enjoy so much, our family membership also came with a Nature Discovery Pack, which we have been making use of. While some of the seasonal tasks require you to have your own garden or outside space (we live… Continue reading Easy Autumn Crafts – Leaf Butterfly.