My Sunday Photo – December 24th, 2017.


I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has read, liked and especially commented on any of my posts this year. You all rock. Also, special thanks to Darren for hosting My Sunday Photo.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas.




Make your own Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags.


Guess what?! This is the last of our Christmas craft blogs – and it’s not even December!

Is that terrible? Or just organised? Maybe a bit of both? We’ve done the advent calendar, made the cards, looked at the the gift of giving and now we’ve moved on to wrapping paper and gift bags to put presents (I haven’t started buying yet) in.


Initially I thought it would be fun to stamp our own paper but I used one of those scratchy green cleaning pads, which was the only thing I had to hand. It wasn’t ideal as it soaked up the paint, which was probably to be expected.

Then I thought we could finger paint robins but Freya seemed to clock the huge roll of craft paper and decide maybe playing with her toys would be more fun (I think she managed 10 first).

We ended up with two good-sized sheets of paper but it wasn’t quite enough.


I’m sure I’ve made gift bags in the past but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where to start. Luckily good old YouTube to the rescue. I used this video which was very easy to follow (and the bags turned out well, I think). You can use any sort of paper. I picked craft paper because it’s sturdy. In the video she used newsprint and also actual wrapping paper as well as some she had designed herself. Once I got the hang of it I was able to knock them out quite quickly.


Hopefully people will think they are charming. Now I just need to start shopping for presents to fill them with!

Have you started/finished your Christmas shopping?

Make Your Own Christmas Cards #BostikBlogger.


As a general rule we don’t send Christmas cards. I know, say hello to The Grinch family, right? It’s not that we don’t like Christmas, it’s more that we (ok, it’s mainly me) don’t like waste (both financial and environmental).

For the last, I would say, five years, we have given the money we would have spent on cards and postage (plus a little extra) to charity instead. I know not everyone feels the same but most of our family and friends have been ok with it.

However, there are always a couple of people that need cards – mainly because we can’t connect with them very easily in other ways (Freya’s great grandma lives 150 miles away and isn’t online, for example).

This month we were sent some blank cards in our Craft Merrily box, which we receive as part of our role as Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers, and I thought we would have a go at making our own. To me that also seems more in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.


For both cards you will need:

Two blank cards and envelopes.


Small sparkly pipe cleaner.

A round shape (we used a cookie cutter).

Bostik White Glue.

Bostik Foam Pads.


Card (white and glittery).

Beads and assorted adornments.

A bell.


How to make the bauble card.


Having searched Pinterest for ideas, I decided to adapt this card (which says it’s by Kylie) by using the beautiful green glitter we were sent rather than gems.

Step one.

I started by cutting out a piece of red card to fit inside the green and then white card to fit inside the red (guesstimates all the way). Next I put the white card on a tray, popped the cookie cutter on top and let Freya pour in the white glue.


We used a glue dabber (I’m sure they have a proper name) to make sure the glue was spread out. She then poured in the glitter, which she loved (naturally). The great thing about this pot was that it had the sprinkle option so it didn’t all just fall out in one go.


I made sure the circle was well covered and let it settle for a minute or so before pulling the cutter away. I then shook the excess glitter off into the tray.

Step two.

Once it was dry we stuck it to the red card using the foam pads and then did stuck it all on to the green card.


Step three.

I threaded the bell on to the pipe cleaner and then on to the ribbon. Freya then tied this around her wrist and ran around the flat pretending to be a dog (for 30 minutes). Thankfully she was fully housetrained.


Once she had finished, I cut the ribbon to size (so there was enough to be able to stick it behind the red card).

IMG_4538 2

Step four.

I then made a bow. We glued it on and then left it to settle while we got to work on the second card.

How to make the Christmas tree card.


Step one.

As we don’t have a Christmas-tree shape cutter, I simply cut one out of card. I then got Freya to put glue all over it (another job she loved) and then sprinkle the glitter on again.

Step two.

Once it was dry, we glued the tree on and then decorated it with the beads. Freya cut out the presents and then decorated them with the sparkly gems and stickers of her choice.

Step three.

Last job of the day was to stick the star at the top.


I think they look pretty good, plus Freya had a lot of fun, when she wasn’t being a dog, making them. This year she’ll be able to sign her own name, which I find exciting (and a little bit frightening at how fast she’s growing up).

Hopefully our chosen recipients will be pleased to receive them.

Have you ever made your own Christmas cards?

Please note: We were sent the craft box free of charge in return for this post.