Book Review: The Summer Of Chasing Dreams.

If Holly Martin’s latest book had been a cake, she would have come up with something that looks great, tastes amazing and has people hailing her the next Mary Berry  – it’s that good. While I’ve long been a fan of hers, I have to say, The Summer Of Chasing Dreams feels different, it feels … Continue reading Book Review: The Summer Of Chasing Dreams.


Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

Every so often while reading My Sister’s Lies, a big dinner gong felt like it went off right beside my ear. ‘Wait, what?’ I would think and then have to scroll back through everything I'd previously read in my head, asking myself why I hadn’t added up the clues before. They were definitely there but … Continue reading Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

Book Review: Jolly Good Food.

On another rainy day, while Freya was recovering from chickenpox, I gave her £2 and said: “Buy what you want” from the charity shop. Of course she got the nosiest, pinkest toy available (a rock guitar, which she played ALL THE WAY HOME). When will I learn? However, while she was rooting through boxes and … Continue reading Book Review: Jolly Good Food.